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Dody Gibson has been a Bible class teacher, artist and author for more than 30 years, and a dedicated Christian for 60 years.

Wise Men From The East. A few thoughts concerning the origin of the Wise Men who visited our Lord after His birth in Bethlehem.

The Bible In Review. A guide for those just beginning a study of the Scripture to present a synopsis of its contents and purpose.

I Wonder What They'll Say. A beautiful poem concerning how we will be remembered by those who come after us.

The Laws Of Forgiveness. A study of the laws of forgivenss as taught in the Old Testament.

And God Said. An overview of how God has spoken to mankind through the years, from Creation till the New Testament age.

First Grade Math, Adding And Subracting. A gentle reminder of the danger of adding to the word of God.

A Gate Called Beautiful. Jesus is the gate through whom we all must pass if we are to go to heaven some day. Matthew tells us that a merchant, upon finding and recognizing a pearl of exceptional value, sold all that he had and bought it. Jesus is this pearl of great value.

Time Lapse. We do not know the day of our Lord’s appearing, but as to the hour, it depends on where you live. For the whole of the world’s population, clocks will read all hours of the day and the night. So will Jesus come night or day?

Feeding The Multitudes. This is the only miracle recorded in all four gospels. It is unique in that respect. What was it about this Divine act that makes it so distinctive?

Tribute To My Mother. Oma Belle Jeffries entered this world on July 9, 1915. She was the oldest of five surviving children born to Asalee Pleasant Edwards and Alexander Toliver Jeffries.

Earthquakes. Cicero, a Roman statesman, once said, “History does repeat itself but it is not in human nature to recognize it until the disaster strikes.”

The Blessing of Misfortune. To accept the heartache and pain that comes our way and turn it into a blessing. To live a life that others can see by our example and give the encouragement to do the same. The more hardship we overcome, the more we have to share with others.

Job's Wife. The book of Job is most probably the oldest of all the Sacred Writings. It answers the question that while good things happen to wicked men, misfortune also comes to godly men. This book records a contest between Satan and Job, which is permitted, but controlled by God. The Scripture confirms this for God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear.

Aging Gracefully. From the day we are born, we begin to age. At first we embrace it enthusiastically and it just can’t happen fast enough. We hear age stated as 5½ or only 2 more months until 21. Then suddenly or gradually something happens. The years pass more quickly. Birthdays come more often and no one puts the proper number of candles on our cake. We begin to spend more time on our wardrobe, more time shopping in the makeup department or searching more flattering hairstyles or beauty tips.

Shamgar, Divine Weapon. Shamgar, the 5th judge of Israel, has but one verse in the book of Judges committed to his memory. He is mentioned once more in Deborah’s song. The Bible says he slew of the Philistines 600 men with an ox goad.

After Death, What Then? I've often thought how very fortunate those people were who just happened to be living in the first century and on that particular place on this earth when He came the first time. To see Jesus, to hear Him and witness the many mighty miracles He performed would be incredible. Is it possible that for a "twinkling of an eye" we shall see His physical likeness as He was when He walked on this earth?

Popular Viewpoint. A "talk with the Lord" from the many many people approach Him today!

Percentages. Working out our salvation is an active profession. If it were easy, then everyone would be victorious. No one will wake up in Paradise surprised to be there. It will be those who planned for it and made it the priority in their lives.

A Certain Young Man. God has His way of dealing with each person individually and it will always be His way.

Hark The Herald Angels Say. It does seem strange that as human creatures God created us with a rang of vocal tones and an ear to arrange them into pleasant phrases, adding words that provoke thought that is played over and over again in our minds as no mere spoken word can do. In all of this, perhaps we are able to praise God in a way that the heavenly angels do not.

Counting The Cost. A poem for young people to consider.

The Great Flood: What Does The Earth Tell Us? True science is defined as evidence arranged in order. Theories are just speculation without the facts to back them up. The Bible has no argument with true science. Only the theories conflict with it. It is comforting to see that there are honest men who search for the facts and have no reluctance to admitting to a superior Creator and His part in this great universe.

I Know Not The Man. We are told that at a social gathering, there are two things that should never be discussed. One is politics. The other is religion. Unfortunately, many treat this as a rule. Every time we are in the presence of those who are lost, we have an opportunity to share our hope of eternity.

Stem Cell Research. Life begins with a tiny cell smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. Information that it contains would fill volumes. This microscoptic-fertilized egg has all the coded messages and building blocks necessary to produce a unique human being. Perhaps this amazing journey to birth is as close to a miracle as we get in this present age.

Decaffeinated religion! It might look okay. It might smell okay. It might taste okay but I'm afraid one might be left with only the dregs in the bottom of the cup of faith.

Extraterrestrials: What Does The Bible Say? There has been a lot of stories, newspaper accounts, articles, movies and books that deal with life in worlds and in forms that are alien to our own.

You've Got Mail! It is well known that received emails are not always desirable. We learn to sort them out, deleting the spam and with experience, (sometimes acquired the hard way) carefully erasing the evil virus from our computer without any harm to our equipment.

Failure Is Not An Option. Success begins with a positive state of mind but it might have a different goal than the one we sought out to achieve.

How To Catch A Monkey. Walking a tight rope may be okay in the circus but it will not work in a Christian life. Remember, the only way you can fall is down.

Out Of The Darkness. Out of the darkness of sin to walk in the light until we reach the end of that narrow way and go home to our final reward. Blessed are those who persevere to the end.

Top Story. Consider the struggle soldiers must always engage in.

Prayer Without Ceasing. It is not for us to know when we have prayed long enough for those problems that plague us in this life for the answer may be in the very next prayer.

Her Price Is Far Above Rubies. No sister attended ladies Bible classes long before having a lesson on Proverbs 31. The Virtuous Woman is a paragon we should all emulate.

The Good Samaritans. Of all four Gospel writers only one records the story of the Good Samaritan. It should not come as a surprise to learn that it was Luke.

That Last Great Day. Paul reveals to us that in a moment, so quickly even as the twinkling of an eye, at the last sound of the trumpet we shall all be changed, the living and those just risen from the grave.

She Gave All She Had. There must have been a marked contrast between the almost inaudible sound of these two small coins as they fell into the treasure depository and the metallic crashing noise of large amounts of gold coins ricocheting from side to side, the clatter reverberating through the halls of the temple.

Dody also has written numerous Bible Puzzles that will require a good deal of deep thought to answer!
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