I Wonder What They'll Say

by Dody Gibson

I wonder what they’ll say
What reaction will there be
And when tomorrow comes
What will they think of me
I wonder what they’ll say
A measure of mankind
The efforts of the past
The deeds he leaves behind

And in the next decade
What will they say of me
As I finish life’s final struggle
It’s final opportunity
Will the song of life be ended
It’s melody heard no more
Or the cords resound forever
And echo o’re and o’re

What will they say about me
Some fifty years from now
Will my children’s children know me
And remember me somehow
Will all my days be lost
And filed away unknown
My cup of blessings wasted
For selfish gain alone

How will I be remembered
When past a century
Was my life a vapor passing
What evidence will there be 
In a world we’ve yet to know
In some far future day
Some soul will cross my path
I wonder what they’ll say

Millstadt, IL 62260

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