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Home Schooling

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Should You Homeschool?, by Heidi Wickersheim. "The idea of homeschooling was introduced to my parents before I was born. Originally, my parents planned to put their future children through the public schools like everybody else. In fact, they had not considered other options."

My Home Schooling Experience, by Heidi Wickersheim. "My parents planned and scheduled additional activities. These included: summer camp, four years of piano lessons, hosting get togethers and parties, community service, and helping in our family business. All of these experiences have been invaluable to me."

Homeschooling Perspectives, by Connie Wickersheim. "The decision to school at home was the direct result of my own life and the life that I wanted for my children. I wanted a safe place to educate my children. I was determined to provide a protected environment from which they could experience the love of learning with gentle, daily discipline. "

Why We Chose To Home School, by Lycia Evanoff. "In short, unlike subjects such as Algebra or American Literature, Bible study is not something we study for a semester or two, assign a grade, and record a credit. It is a part of our daily life, it affects everything we do, and it makes us who we are. If we succeed in our efforts, each of us -- parents and children -- will be studying until the day we end our life on earth."